Thursday, August 16, 2007

1061. CK wire stripper
Adjust the strip length by moving the center stop to the desired length. Insert wire into front funnel until wire hits stop. Close blades by squeezing handles, and pull out stripped wire.

1062. Chinese trunk lock, made to be used on a latch with two holes.

1063. Concrete block maker, poured down the chute from the back, the concrete is packed into the mold by the machine, which can make about one block per minute.

The top view of a block can be clearly seen in this mold:

The finished blocks will keep their shape after being immediately removed from the molds, though it takes many hours for them to dry.

1064. Percussion caps, used on device 1066 (below), and last week's door jamb pistol. I fired one of these caps outside and it was quite loud, I agree with the product reviewer who said there wouldn't be a need for adding black powder to the alarm if it's to be used indoors.

1065. Found in the toolbox of a carpenter/builder, probably used to knock pieces of wood into place.

Larger image

1066. Anti-rodent device or mouse killer pistol, invented in 1862. To operate: Pull back the hammer and insert the safety, place a percussion cap on the nipple, load 10 grains of black powder into the barrel along with some paper wadding, put some peanut butter on the bottom of the trigger, place the device in a good location, set the sear, and finally, remove the safety.

Larger image

For more guesses on this device take a look at Neatorama.

With a percussion cap:

Note the safety sticking out of the hole on the lower left.


I was surprised to find these two products on the Dixie Gun Works site, a kit and ready-made version of the sundial that fires its cannon at noon. If I didn't live in the city I would get one.

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